Vision on design

My designs aim to bring more order in an increasingly complex world, by creating and redesigning more intuitive products and services for today and tomorrow.

My design identity

I am a designer with a curious mind, contributing to my explorative nature and drive to develop myself as designer and as person. I have a passion for concept development, radical innovation, prototyping, aesthetics and entrepreneurship.




  • Culture study
  • Vision Design
  • Market research
  • User testing
  • Sustainability study


  • Ideation
  • Sketching
  • (Rapid) Prototyping
  • Concept rendering


  • CAD Design
  • High quality prototype
  • Material selection

Digital toolbox

Digital skill


Adobe Photoshop Advanced
Adobe Illustrator Advanced
Adobe InDesign Intermediate
Adobe AfterEffects Intermediate
Adobe PremierPro Intermediate
CorelPainter Intermediate
SolidWorks Intermediate
Rhino Beginner
Autodesk Fusion 360 Beginner
KeyShot Intermediate
Cura Intermediate
HTML/CSS Intermediate
Arduino Intermediate