Arcx visual prototype


The Arcx an innovative prosthetic foot for below-knee amputees. Functional and aesthetic design are combined into a product with added value due to an adjustable ankle, cross-toe design and customizable cover. This is our solution to the to the self-defined design assignment:

“By focussing on parametric design an affordable modular below-knee prosthesis will be designed which allows users to experience their daily life with minimal concessions.”

Final concept and product movie.

Halfway concept drawing made by Stijn Jagers op Akkerhuis. First attempt of the team to combine different concepts into on unified concept. Concept was discarded to the absence of unity and combined functionality.

This first prototype on the left functions as the fundament of the whole project. This prototype demonstrates a simple mechanism with a teeth that is adjustable when pressed on the pin. The prototype on the right is one of many iterations that slowly worked out and added all kinds of features conform to the program of requirements. This so-called ankle hinge mechanism allows the user to comfortably sit, stand, walk and run during their daily life.

The disassembled final functional model of the Arcx. The functional model focussed on the key requirements the prosthetic feet should meet to speak of a successful design. This model successfully demonstrates feasibility and usability of the design

The final prototype that is closes to a visual representation of the final product.

Project details