Camplight final product


SAS, which stands for Situation Awareness System is an information system designed for semi – and fully autonomous vehicles which uses light to discreetly inform passengers in a non-disruptive way about the vehicle’s next action.

SAS was a project within the Autonomous vehicle group at the University of Technology Eindhoven. The goal of the group was to anticipate on the technological development of autonomous driving in such way that we can shape autonomous driving to meet our needs and expectations.
My role as final bachelor designer was to do research into situation awareness while being in an autonomous vehicle, how this particular state of mind or experience can be improved and finally how this could be transformed into a product concept.

Final concept and product movie.

A participant taking part of a study to sensitivity of the peripheral vision. Just as discussed in literature, people tend to be more sensitive to light intensity and movement rather than light colour in the peripheral field of view. A similar test was conducted in car to gather user input about the light animations that convey the different messages like stop, right turn, left turn etc.

Second prototype SAS Lasercutting SAS Final light material test Final light test

The final product proposal showing a part of the emergency light animation which was blue flickering light.

Project details